Moving to the Dark Side or Toward the Light?

My Dell is dying. At approximately 7:15 PM, Friday, February 22, 2008, my faithful friend flashed his main monitor and could no longer compute. Emergency calls were placed and technicians determined that although they could save him for now, his life expectancy is limited. Limping now with a borrowed video card and impaired capabilities, he has sent my files to a shared drive. Knowing his impending doom, he faithfully strives to keep me working as I use his very operating system to explore the virtues and capabilities of the "other side", the Mac.

I am writing this post from a Mac in our computer lab. I'm testing my comfort level in a different environment and I am salivating over the aesthetics and seductive qualities of everything Mac. So far, I'm feeling like a native, with only one problem, as I tried to connect to the Lotus Mail Anywhere system.

Somehow shifting to the Mac, with dual boot capability seems a lot more enticing than moving to Vista. Perhaps it's the adventure of it all which is consistent with my current learning mode. We'll just have to wait and see the outcome. In the meantime, thanks my old friend, for over 6 years of faithful service. Surely you will be rewarded in heaven.

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  1. I will follow your journey with interest!

    (...and under ADA, do you have to provide a transcript when you sign a presentation???)

    : - )