Hi, this is Bret William...

Hi, this is Bret William again, I am continuing my experiment with Jott. I have some interesting discussions with Michelle and with my colleague [...] and I am very excited about the possibilities that this might offered. So, I am going to hangup now and see what actually appears in my blogspot. I hope this works. Bye. listen

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  1. Well, the script is not perfect. I'm wondering who "Bret William" might be, but exciting thing is that it actually provides a link to an audio recording of my actual message. This is fascinating. Not perfect, but worth further exploration.

  2. Several at the conference here were very interested in Jott. One in particular wondered if this could be the way faculty could "text-message" their students...teacher calls Jott and student gets a text message on their cell phone. Worth looking in to and opens a mobile application.

  3. Jott provides a web interface which allows one to use the standard keyboard and workstation/laptop, etc. to type a message. It then provides two check boxes to target the recipient. One is for e-mail and the other for phone text message. You may even check both to route the message to both locations. I just sent a message to myself. It was longer than one cell phone screen, but I was able to scroll and read.

    See http://www.jott.com/how-to/jott-to-someone-else

    One problem I experienced with the Jott interface was that it allows 800 + characters, but it did not show a scroll bar, so I had to type a bit in the blind. This was done using the Firefox browser, so it my be a browser issue. I'll test this and more in the near future.