How to embed Jing video WordPress (& my tests inside Blogger)

I am aware of a problem with trying to embed Jing screencasts into WordPress (and possibly other blogs/spaces). The screen displays as black instead of providing video.

Thanks to Brooks Andrus, there are video tutorials which address this problem and provide a solution. See this excellent video at

Here is a test to see how this works in Blogger:

The first example below was my attempt to insert the Jing embed code without any edits.
The second example demonstrates the results of editing the code to re-size the embedded video.

Example one:
Note, when I used the Edit Html area to insert the embed code into Blogger, it worked perfectly. That is to say, the video presented. However, the size was too big, as illustrated below. (see second re-sized screencast in example 2)

Upon inspection of the code, it appears that Jing may have changed their code (as discussed by Brooks Andrus) to now include the container with term and therefor, I only had to change any references to height, width (container containerwidth=360&containerheight=252) and player (jingh264player.swf" height="252" width="360") to the desired numbers. (I tried using the numbers recommended by Brooks Andrus (width 640 and height 360), but it was still too big for my blog. As illustrated below, you may make any size as long as it is proportional to avoid distortion of the image. My example is height 252 by width 360).

One more try at width 400 and height at 278.

Thanks again, to Brooks Andrus for providing the helpful video screencast.