Funsintheway: The Art of Living (now) in a Cluttered Environment

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It never ceases to amaze me, what I find in the clutter of my life. This post is actually some writing I did in 2000 (just after the computing world was supposed to come to an end) as part of a book (yet to be written/published). In going through old e-mail as part of a migration to a new system, I unearthed somthing that still resonates. So, why wait any longer? My creative works are all to often hidden under a bushel, so I'm going to let it rip.

"Funsintheway: The Art of Living (now) in a Cluttered Environment". Life is ultimately spiritual. For centuries philosphers, gurus and spiritual guides have directed their teachings to enable us to "be in the moment". "Oh, Sure, Come on Over" celebrates the fullness of life in the moment. Other self help books which focus on improving your environment and architectural surroundings are filled with photographs of pristine, elegant and sometimes zen like environments. However, these are routinely devoid of any people or evidence of human existance in these environments. These books are a lie. They document those rare moments when everything is "in its' place"; that rare
few minutes before guests arrive (After an all night cleaning session which ends up with the last few items tossed in a closet). When was the last time you saw a self help book which celebrated the naturalness and the elegance of shoes which had been kicked off in the celebration of rest, or underwear hanging from the arm of a chair? Or when have you seen a Ralph Lauren bedroom with a weeks worth of clothes on the bedpost, a laptop and papers on the bed and dirty dishes piled on the bedside table? How about any people who are seen just in the midst of living?

Living with guilt and anxiety over cleaning to be done or papers to be filed is not really living. Learning to live in the moment is a spiritual journey which is mastered by few. Celebrate the cobwebs on your bathroom lightbulbs. Wipe them away when the time is right.  Recognize the order in your apparent clutter. You know which pile to look in for your telephone bill! Invite someone in and clear of a patch in the middle of your "important papers";  share a glass of wine and nibble on some cheese. Pick up your instrument and share a few new tunes with a friend. Lean back on that pile of unfolded clothes and throw another log on the fire. Relax baby, it's Miller time.

In fairness to my collaborator, Jeanne Schlesinger, I am establishing the following copyright: All rights reserved to "Oh, Sure, Come on Over" by William Deihl and Jeanne Schlesinger. Note: "Funsintheway: The Art of Living (now) in a Cluttered Environment" is part of "Oh, Sure, Come on Over".

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