Digital Storytelling Program for VCU Faculty

What's your story? What are important stories in your discipline? How might a story introduce students to important developments, situate content in the context of history or a larger picture? What questions might be generated by a grounding story at the beginning of class? Faculty in the CTE Digital Storytelling Program will explore these and many more compelling questions. APPLY NOW!

For centuries, stories have served as means of recording events, conveying wisdom and sharing a perspective about the world around us. Through the power of narrative, a story can unfold and tell who we are and relate the significance of events or ideas to listeners in a deeply personal way. Stories can give us a new perspective, and cause us to care about issues and/or challenge us to learn and inspire us to change.

The DST program is for VCU faculty who are interested in developing and incorporating their own (or student generated) digital stories in their teaching practice as a means to share narrative stories, provide background information on a particular topic or issue, generate interest and deep reflection, foster insight, encourage discussion and enhance student engagement and learning. Participants will engage with a cohort other faculty in sequenced sessions throughout the Fall 2012 semester, in which they will be introduced to concepts and engage in discussion and hands-on practice. Each participant will create their own digital story based on some aspect of their own learning or teaching and share this with cohorts in the program. Participants will then discuss what they have learned, identify how they will incorporate digital storytelling into their course(s) and create a second story and plan for use of digital storytelling during the Spring 2013 semester. Following implementation in 2013, participants will regroup to discuss and document their experience and impact on their teaching and student engagement.

See the embedded story about previous experience in the CTE Digital Storytelling Program.

Apply NOW!!! Participation will be limited (5-8 faculty).

This session is for faculty and is limited to 8 VCU faculty participants. Deadline for submitting applications is 5 pm, Friday, September 7, 2012. The application form is available at