Listen to Wikipedia: The Sound of Change in a Fast Paced World

Major telegraph lines in 1891
Major telegraph lines in 1891 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout time and with each iteration of new technologies, the pace of life seems to speed. With the advent of the printing press, the introduction of the telegraph, enhancements to transportation, the invention of radio, television and presently the Internet, one feels increasingly bombarded with information. 

Beyond the capacity of individuals to create such information, we now live in a world of networking and collaboration.

Wikipedia Concept Map
Wikipedia Concept Map (Photo credit: juhansonin)

If one were to represent the creation or modification of globally created information by sound, it seems that the notes would be fast-paced; perhaps to the extent of overlapping and becoming nothing but a high frequency screech. But quite to the contrary, Steven LaPorte and Mahmoud Hasheem have created "Listen to Wikipedia" and the result created by world-wide ongoing edits in Wikipedia is amazingly calming meditative.

Enjoy listening, watching and reading update notes at

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