Twitter and the Value of Community

Those who are new to Twitter are not infrequently perplexed as to what this is and why anyone might want to use this tool. As I explain my perspective, I try to represent not only my own use, but ways in which I see (or suspect) that others might use the service. Recently, I've been benefitting from Twitter searches and I've discovered that I can usually get help/advice from the "wisdom of the crowd".

Today, I'm preparing for a presentation on concept mapping and will be addressing a faculty user group who focus on the use of tablet PCs for teaching. Not being a power user of a tablet PC, I posted a tweet to see if I might shortcut the research process to find software, online resources, examples, etc. which might be relevant to the particular group.

My first reply was not what I expected, but the humor and quick wit made my attempt worthwhile. It provided the smile I need to remember to lighten up and enjoy the process.

Thanks Alaine. :=)