Experimenting with change... the story of my (our) lives. Not much need to state the obvious, but on it goes. Today, one change is the editor and interface to the  Blogger editor. I'm probably behind the times (as my blogging activity has been minimal), but here I go.

Alfabetos enrolladosI value reflection and the opportunity to connect the dots of my thinking over time. How I do that varies in regularity and methodology. As I reflect on those notions, I consider my thoughts on my simultaneous love and distain for technology. It's a dance... using technology to enhance my life and selectively ignoring the latest tools in order to experience and honor things of great value, which move at a slower pace. 

Reflecting on the importance of friendships and shared experiences requires a note of thanks; an easy thing to do with a phone call, e-mail, an immediate text message or a Tweet. But, reverting back to the use a pen on paper slows the process just enough to make a difference. It allows me to employ the use of my hands in a craftsman-like way and engage in the beauty of calligraphy. It allows me to experience the feel of fine paper, explore the angle of pen and marvel at the formation of line. In some ways, this is a self-indulgent act of pleasure. But, it is also an act of love and a recognition that occasionally the gift of time and craftsmanship to both ourselves and our friends are just possibly the most important things we can do.

Take a break. Cook a nice meal. Smell the coffee. Enjoy the sunrise. Tell someone you love them. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Savor the quiet moment(s) and...marvel at the simultaneous gifts that your Smart-Phone can afford.

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