Why I Teach: I teach to enjoy your success

Yesterday, I started to write about why I teach. I came up with some ideas shared at the bottom of this post, but today, I read an email from a faculty member who participated in my Digital Storytelling Program. This short email and the video shared in the link is why I teach.

Hi Bud!
I hope you're doing well. I worked on a project this week that reminded me of our digital storytelling seminar. I thought I'd send you a link and say thanks for the learning! Apologies for the long rambly blog post.

Kristin (Reed)

Watch this video to see learning unfold in real time:

My guiding questions:
Why do I teach?
Why do I care if you learn?
Why should you come to me?
Why should I (or any teacher) ask these questions (most importantly to ourselves)?

I have a passion (some say I have a gift). My passion is for good stories and to explore my own understanding through the creation of stories. Good stories are compelling. They cause me to listen deeply. But, more importantly, they cause me to reflect and ask questions. 

You come to me to learn about digital storytelling and I am inspired to share what I know and the resources that have developed my thinking. I immerse myself in listening deeply, so I can help you hear your own story. I love to help you identify your true passion and help you learn to tell your story through the power of digital media. I love to help you learn about the power of image, sound, voice, timing of delivery and the use of technology to create and share your own work of art.

I come to digital storytelling with experience and ways of working, but filled with questions and challenging my own thinking. I’m often teaching on the fly, not with lack of experience, but questioning what I say, even as I share my experience and thoughts. 

I come with passion,
Passion for story
Passion for media 
and a way to articulate feelings.

I  come to help you tell a story that will make my hair stand on end. 

Why do I teach?

I teach to enjoy your success.
PS: Kristen's video is very different from the work we explored in my digital storytelling program, but the experience there has grounded this creative exploration and I want to celebrate her work and the work of her students.


  1. Hi William, loved your post. No better evidence than a student coming back to say 'thanks for the learning'. I have a question - how do you make a video of the Google doc collaboration real time? It's a brilliant way of demonstrating the collaborative process. Pleased to meet you, enjoy the course.

    1. tsheko,
      Thank you for your comment. Kristin Reed made the video. You may contact her via twitter @ternary_logic .

      I'm not sure what tools she used, but the process is screencasting. Screencasting is simply a recording of any action on a computer screen that falls within a defined area. A great tool for that is Camtasia. Since this editing took place over a 2 hour period, there must have been some editing to show that flow in a few minutes. Of course a sound track was added. The screen capture could be edited in any number of video editors.

      Give it a try.

      Best regards,

  2. I love this line of hers: "I come to digital storytelling with experience and ways of working, but filled with questions and challenging my own thinking."
    It's nice that she sent you her writing piece and thoughts. Great connection.