How to Embed a Screencast into a Blog

Today, I am preparing to participate as a guest lecturer in a class which is considering the use of screencasting in higher education. I will be reviewing examples of several screencasts and challenging the students to consider various uses of screencasting, advantages and disadvantages of screencasting and introducing them to Jing as a free tool which will enable them to create and distribute their own short screencasts. One of the demonstrations I will be providing is how to embed a screencast into a blog or other online location. Below is an example of the use of a screencast to talk about one why in which I use a Wiki.

Note: the original size of video below video was 1278 x 948. I simply edited the code to cut the size to 421 x 312, so it will display inside my blog. However, the contents of the screencast are not ledgible at this size, so the reader should click on the screencast and use the player tool at the bottom of the video to enlarge it to full screen size. Use the excape key to reduce back to the original posted size.

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