Looking Through the Fog: Blogs vs Online Discussion Forums

My recent trip to Yellowstone gave me several encounters with fog, thus the title of my post. Fog has long intrigued me. I'm fascinated by the mind's ability to conjure up a concept based on the lack of clarification in its' presence and I love to watch as objects become defined as it lifts. Metaphorically, I'm watching this happen as I continue to contemplate the differences between online discussion forums and blogs.

I’ve been blogging periodically for some time and I’ve spent considerable time in online discussion forums. I see some obvious differences, but still wrestle with the “conversation” which can be conducted in both. As I diagrammed my own understanding on a white board this morning, I found that I really do see clear differences. However, a now dated post by Lee LeFever made me realize that the subtle difference I have been missing is between comments to a blog and replies to a discussion make all the difference.

Lee provides a nice table to compare weblogs and message boards and illuminates the differences in his text post.

What are the Differences Between Message Boards and Weblogs?

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