Embedding test

I am embedding a VoiceThread and then will make comments on the original VoiceThread site in order to see if these changes will be pushed forward to this embeded version in my blog.

Question: if this works, how does this differ from "subscribing"? I guess the answer is that it will not push new information forward to alert me of a new "posting", however changes to this website may be viewed when the page is refreshed.

We will see!

Follow-up -

Partial SUCCESS: the embedding test worked. I not only could see changes made to the VoiceThread site, I could actually make changes via the embedded version within my blog. Unfortunately, in this case, I tried to add an audio comment and this requires the purchase of an account for an annual fee in order to perform this function. However, I can see my image and a sound icon, even though the audio file is not being shared. Problem: in my particular blog, the sidebar hides some of the images and links to comments. Perhaps some fine tuning of my layout can solve this. This is an issue which may make this less useful.

Bottom line; this might work for certain educational purposes. Deciding to use it on a regular basis requires the purchase of an account. For limited student created work (3 VoiceThreads) this could be used for collaborative sharing and commenting. It would also be a way to make students aware of this type of technology should they desire to use it in the future.

VoiceThread Credit: Thanks to Alec Couros for allowing Thoughts on the Potential and Power of the Network to be shared and embedded.

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