Sharing a 1 minute web 2.0 technology

Michelle Martin, has asked that we share some idea for the use of a web 2.0 technology that can be achieved in one minute. I would like to share the idea of using Jott for various reasons, you can leave a message to yourself, you can forward that message to a blog such as this one, you can create lists, you can do many things. listen

Powered by Jott

PS: the message above was submitted via my cell phone. To get more info and a Jott account, go to


  1. Bud, I like how you combined using the tool with explaining it. I can see that Jott is still one of your favorite Web 2.0 toys! :-)

  2. Hi Bud, that is really cool how you have used Jott. I still wish that we had it here in Australia. I noticed that your post isn't showing up in the feeds for the Web2.0Wednesday posts. Can I get you to try adding the label web2.0wednesday to your post?

  3. Opps sorry I was wrong your post is definitely there but for some reason the posts are showing the correct authors against them.

  4. Sue, thanks for reading my post. I love Jott (as Michele Marting and anyone around me knows). Replying by actually using it was an opportunity to inform and have some fun at the same time; a combination which cannot be beat.

    I'm not sure what you were asking me to do. Did you mean tag the post in