Agreement Statement Effective 4-01-08

PLEASE READ and VERIFY Aggreement:

Access to the ideas, thoughts, content and random predictions for the use of this and/or any said resources shall be limited to the current modifications of this agreement. This agreement may be updated by the first party without notice in order to operationalize scalable thoughtware. It is your responsibility to check for current updates at the time of use. You or any agent may not reengineer, optimize, globalize or otherwise empower any user to transform this seamless, granular ecosystem. This document replaces any agreements previously signed or checked upon the acceptance of software and services provided via the internet and or digital means. It is unlawful to copy, optimize or reverse-engineer said works for use on computers predating Microsoft XP or Mac OS 10.1. Copyright is protected under current law.

I Agree _____

See addendum:


Happy April Fool's Day!

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